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Healthy Strollers

On Wednesday 4th March sixteen ladies set off to walk around Ripley Castle grounds. It was frosty but the sun was shining and had the beginnings of a lovely day. The cowslips and daffodils were out and also primroses and a few scilla's. The deer were across the very full lake. We saw plenty of Canada geese, greylag geese, coots, oyster catchers and many more water fowl plus various smaller birds such as wrens, a grey wagtail even a pair of buzzards.

After lunch in the cafe, some ladies walked around the grounds again going in the opposite direction.

Altogether a good walk with good company in pleasant surroundings.

    Here is a picture of the Strollers taken on 21st August 2021. Members got the bus to King James Retail Park or walked from Knaresborough to meet the group along Abbey Road. It was a warm day and although quite busy it was very pleasant. Many of the garden flowers were admired and some were lucky to catch a glimpse of a Kingfisher near Low Bridge. When we reached High Bridge some went off in different directions and ten of us enjoyed lunch at The Ugly Duckling cafe. Despite the forecast for rain it stayed dry. Sixteen members came out, including two newcomers.

Sally Weatherill


Recent Strolls

After the first Lockdown we strolled along The Stray, up Oatlands Drive which led us to the path alongside St. John Fisher’s School and then to the back of The Showground which was really enjoyable but all to soon we were locked down again.

In July of this year we tried again and we took a similar stroll to the previous one. We have continued each month and have chosen ‘safe’ strolls, keeping us away from travelling as much as possible. In August we met at Abbey Road in Knarsborough and followed the river along to the popular area around the Marigold Boat Station where we found a good place to have lunch. In September nineteen Strollers arrived at the Valley Gardens to enjoy walking up to the Pine Woods which is beautiful at this time of the year. In October we walked along the Greenway to Ripley.

We have booked our Christmas Meeting to plan next year’s Strolls.This will be meeting in Wetherspoon’s small party room at 10.00 am to start at 10.30am.

Marian Darwen



We are now in our tenth year of strolling and after the difficult time that we have had everyone is eager to get together again, especially in the fresh air.

On Wednesday 3rd November nineteen members met to take the ‘bus to Spofforth. It was a bright but chilly day as we joined the old railway track to Wetherby.  Unfortunately we had had a lot of rain on previous days so the track was very muddy underfoot in places. The path seemed wider as they had been cutting some of the trees back. Towards the end of the track we met three different paths and several of the Strollers went in different directions. A good time was had by all and good eating places were found before everyone made their way home on the ‘bus.

There will not be a Stroll in December as the planning meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st December at Wetherspoons.

Marian Darwen


Our December Stroll

It was lovely to be all together once more and here’s hoping it will stay that way!

Since we were together we have had strolls to Knaresborough, Wetherby and several nearer to home - trying to keep as safe as we can. Last week we had our planning meeting at which we introduced some new places and we also welcomed new Strollers. I would like to thank all who have contributed to the strolls so here’s to a good New Year.

Marian Darwen


Twenty Healthy Strollers met in December to decide on our Strolls for this year. Our first Stroll will be on Wednesday, 2nd February meeting at the Bus Station at 10.20am for the 10.30am No36 bus. Merille is leading this walk.

We leave the bus at The Inn at South Stainley (previously called The Red Lion). The path should be alright for walking. There is not a cafe or pub at the end of the walk but we can catch the bus back to Ripley for refreshments or stay on the bus back to Harrogate. Remember to bring your bus pass and  we look forward to another good year for strolling.

Marian Darwen