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Healthy Strollers


We met at the bus station and caught the bus to Ilkley. The driver wondered what had hit him when 17 of us piled on! It was a fine day – good for strolling. We took the riverside path and there were ducks and swans on the fast moving river.  We crossed over to the woods where we usually see bluebells.  No bluebells that day but a lot of lovely wild flowers. Some of the strollers stopped at the riverside ‘pub for lunch and the others made their way to the chapel tea room where we can always find something good to eat.  Afterwards were made our way back to the ‘bus station, taking in some retail therapy before catching the ‘bus home.

Marian Darwen



The July Stroll was lead by Mary Rutherford.  On a lovely fine day, 19 of us went on the Harrogate Floral Trail which is beautiful at this time of the year. Our first stop was in the Crescent Gardens where the flowers were lovely and then we made our way to the Valley Gardens where there were ducks on the waterside walk which brought us to the Magnesia Well Cafe where we had a coffee stop. Then on to the beautiful Japanese Gardens – well worth a visit. The Boating Lake was being given its annual clean out as we passed by. On then to the New Zealand Garden where there were gorgeous trees, flowers and clever tree carvings – a marvin and a kiwi. We strolled along the upper path and came out to see the Crown roundabout display. Then we made our way to Wetherspoons where we had booked the room to have lunch before making our way home.

Marian Darwen


Strollers round Ripon in August

Eighteen of us met at Ripon Bus Station in the sunshine.  While waiting for last two of the group some of us enjoyed coffee in Weatherspoons.

Refreshed, we made our way through the Cathedral grounds and then to the canal basin. We then enjoyed a walk along the canal seeing youngsters in their canoes and a Dragonfly. It was very pleasant seeing all the wildflowers etc. We reached the second lock and the marina before we turned back and made our way to The Water Rat for a very enjoyable lunch.

The next stroll is in September when we meet at Kingsley road 10.00am to follow Bilton Lane to Knaresborough.

Sally Weatherill


Roundhay Park in October

Fifteen Strollers met at the bus station for our stroll in Roundhay Park. The weather was sunny with a beautiful blue sky following the torrential rain of the previous day.

Arriving at the Park we set off to  walk round the lake where there was plenty of wildlife on display although the flowerbeds were empty and the leaves were being swept up. I think we chose the wrong month to visit!

Some of us went to the Monet and Alhambra Gardens and the Chelsea Festival displays but, once again, the flowers were past their best. We went to the Tropical House cafe for lunch after which we walked through the Canal Garden to see the totem pole that had been cordoned off due to an nearby unsafe tree.

But, despite the unfortunate timing, an enjoyable time was had by all.

Barbara Barraclough

A November Stroll

On Wednesday November 6th I led a walk from the bus station to Harlow Carr. Three ladies got on the bus whilst eleven others set off picking up two more walkers on the way.

The weather was fine and dry with quite a few people about. We walked through the Valley Gardens and the Pine Woods to Harlow Carr where the majority went into Betty's for coffee. A few sat outside. Sally and I shared a Fat Rascal with a robin.

We then all made our way back to Weatherspoons for lunch, coming out to heavy rain.

Carol Dobinson