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Healthy Strollers

On Wednesday, 3 October, ten Healthy Strollers set off along the Greenway Path to Ripley. We were soon met by Sally with her dog, Ruby. It was a good, dry day and although the sky looked grey there was always  bit of blue to be seen. There were lots of lovely wild flowers in bloom - wild orchids, scabious and clover and the trees were covered in berries. The birds will have plenty of winter food!

We were blessed with the sight of two herons and also red kites. The icing on the cake were the robins singing their little hearts out and hopping all around us.

It was a busy path with lots of cyclists and dog-walkers. One lady had a huge dog - almost as big as a donkey. She said that it was a wolf-hound.

When we reached Ripley almost all of us went for a nice lunch at the Castle Tea Rooms. Highly recommended!

Our next stroll will be the last one for this year. In December I have booked our usual venue to plan next year’s strolls

Marian Darwen

Carol’s Surprise Walk

On Wednesday, 7th November, ten Strollers set off from Ravenscourt for our walk in weather that was warm but overcast.

Our journey took us past Taylor’s Tea factory with its lovely smell of coffee then onwards passing Morrison’s Supermarket and alongside the Remembrance Gardens in Stonefall Cemetery.

We then stopped at Fodders for coffee where five Members went inside whilst the rest of the group stayed outside with Ruby the dog.

On the way there we saw a few Red Kites and could hear and see Blue Tits in the trees.

We carried on through Crimple Valley and Hookstone Woods and on to Woodlands Pub for lunch where two more members joined us.

Most of the leaves on the trees had turned to a lovely brown and yellow colour which was a wonderful sight. The group enjoyed the walk and we were very lucky to reach the pub before the heavy rain started. A relaxing meal and a chat brought our morning’s expedition to a close.

Carol Dobinson


The Healthy Stroller’s are now in their eighth year and interest has increased dring the past year.

On 6th February, 22 Strollers travelled to Leeds on the No:36 ‘bus to visit the Leeds Armouries. This was followed by a stroll along the canal before returning by ‘bus to the Toby Restaurant in the Queen’s Arms. Marian thanked everyone who had led Strolls and suggested new ones. The next Stroll will be on 6th March meeting at Harrogate Bus Station for the 9.30am X1 ‘bus to St James’s Park for a stroll along the riverside to Knaresborough.

Marian Darwen



Fourteen Strollers made their way along the Abbey Road end of Knaresborough riverside – a favourite stroll at this time of the year. The daffodils were all in bloom and there were still a few crocus’s around. The wood carvings are amazing especially the kingfisher. We were then treated to the sight of some ‘real’ birds – a pair of cormorants perching high up in a tree – we thought they were waiting for a nice meal if some fish came swimming by. As always, we saw the Red Kites soaring above us. There were a lot of people about, walking their dogs or just out to enjoy the day. At the end of the stroll we all had a bite to eat at one of the excellent cafes on the riverside. Our next stroll is another favourite – the Ripley Greenway on 3rd April – meeting at the ‘bus station at 10.25am.  

Marian Darwen

On the Ripley Greenway

On April 3rd Carol led a walk along the Greenway from Bilton to Ripley. There were twenty ladies, one gentleman ( lucky chap!!) and Ruby.

There were a few cyclists and the odd dog walker that we passed but apart from that it was very quiet.

We noticed that the Broom and Gorse were coming into flower and we also saw a lot of wild violets, primroses and a few bluebells.

On the River Nidd we saw a Heron and a Woodpecker was heard in the trees.

After refreshments at Ripley, five ladies walked back along the Greenway to Bogs Lane.

It was a good walk, dry but cold, and we were accompanied throughout by Blue tits, Robins and the odd Wren singing in the hedges for company. It was a great day!

Sally Weatherill