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Healthy Strollers
Ten Healthy Strollers met at a very wet ‘bus station for our stroll round Golden Acre Park. By the time we arrived it had stopped raining and we set off to walk around the park but the path was impassable due to flooding. We retraced our steps, found a way over the grass and continued into the woods where two hides are situated. We went into both of them to view the birds feeding then retraced our path back out of the woods. As we walked back, we passed a large bush which had a robin and two nuthatches posing for us – they were not afraid of us! After a very nice lunch in the café we caught the ‘bus back to Otley where we had a bit of Retail Therapy. Then we caught the ‘bus to Harrogate after a very enjoyable day out.
The next stroll will be the Patelely Bridge Riverside Walk on 6th June, meeting at the ‘bus station at 10.20am for the No. 24 ‘bus.

Barbara Barraclough



Eleven members met Catherine, our leader, to catch the No:24 ‘bus and we picked up two more Strollers along the route.

After a scenic, but eventful journey, we met three more members with two four-legged friends, George and Ruby, in Pateley Bridge. The weather was overcast but fine and we walked along the river hearing birdsong and seeing wildfowl including a grebe. We walked to the mill, stopping for a photograph on the way and then crossed to the other side of the river to walk to Bewerley.

We admired all the lovely gardens in the village and made our way back to Pateley for lunch.

After looking round the shops, we caught the ‘bus back to Harrogate and all agreed that we had had a very enjoyable day.

Mary Bradley

A Stroll by the riverside in Ripon

On an overcast morning, eleven Healthy Strollers set out to Quarry Moor, Ripon, led by Marian with help from Beryl. On our arrival we were met by Sally and her dog, Ruby.

In spite of the dry weather there were plenty of beautiful wild flowers along the way. We didn’t see any rabbits but we saw lots of holes they had dug out of the ground.

We eventually reached the river which was teaming with fish and we also saw a mother duck with her little ducklings swimming around her - always a lovely sight! Later we were blessed with a yellow wagtail hopping around.

We soon reached the Water-Rat Pub where several of us had a very enjoyable lunch.

All round, we had a very enjoyable day.

Our next Stroll is on Wednesday, 1 August meeting at the Bus Station at 9.30am for the bus to Ilkley.

Marian Darwen


Our stroll on August 1st was to Ilkley. Twelve members met at the ‘bus station. The weather was cooler than it had been, much to our relief. We were met in Ilkley by Ruby, the Westie with her owner in tow! As we walked by the river enjoying the views we saw two small blue Common butterflies with several white ones.  We crossed the river and returned on the other bank and then back over the pack horse bridge for lunch at the Riverside Hotel. After lunch we split up and went in different directions. We made our way back to the ‘bus station and arrived with plenty of time to spare so we sat on a seat to rest our legs when, to our amazement, a sheep came trotting through the ‘bus station. It didn’t stop to catch a bus but disappeared on its way down the road – it didn’t seem to belong to anyone! We then caught the ‘bus and returned to Harrogate after having had a good day out.

Barbara Barraclough  


Through the Valley Gardens in September

Eleven Strollers met in the ‘bus station and walked to the entrance of the Valley Gardens, admiring the flower beds on Montpellier Parade and also when they entered the Gardens. We stopped to read a very interesting new plague on a wall about the history of The Royal Bath Hospital.

We then walked on through the Pine Woods and enjoyed looking at the little wooden doors which had been painted by children, clubs and societies. On arriving at Harlow Carr some of our party looked in the shop and some treated themselves to coffee. Then we walked back to town and had a very nice lunch in the private room in Wetherspoons.

Mary Bradley