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Healthy Strollers
A stroll round Golden Acre Park
On 5th July twelve Strollers met at the bus station to go to Golden Acre Park. The rain started just before getting off the bus but didn’t last long. We walked past the flowers towards the lake and spent a while watching the ducks and ducklings and a heron. We continued to walk and crossed the path into Adel Nature Reserve which is looked after by volunteers. At the first hide we saw a great spotted woodpecker, chaffinches and tits. Feeders had squirrel protection but we saw a young squirrel try to climb the pole but it only got up two feet before sliding back and disappearing into the undergrowth. At the next hide there was a lake where several ducks were swimming. A heron arrived soon followed by another which chased the first one round the lake for several minutes. They flew close to the hide a few times, their beaks looking vicious and they had long legs which trailed behind them. We continued our walk through the woods returning to Golden Acre Park in ideal walking conditions followed by lunch in the cafe.
Barbara Barraclough
Eighteen Strollers and George, the dog, met at Kingsley Road on a showery day but we all managed to stay dry. We walked past some very pretty gardens and continued along Bogs Lane to the old railway line to Bilton which is very popular with cyclists and walkers. We proceeded past the Gardener’s Arms and up the lane until we met the Beryl Burton Cycle Track. This took us along to the High Bridge in Knaresborough. On arrival, we split into groups and decided where we would prefer to have lunch.
Moira Osborn
Healthy Strollers - September
On Wednesday 6th September 18 Healthy Strollers met to take a stroll in the Quarry Moor area of Ripon. Our Leader was recovering from an operation but bravely insisted in leading us. We took a shorter stroll than usual. It was a nice bright day and we set off over the fields and through a wooded area finishing at a lovely children’s play area with a pool attached . We were tempted to have a go on the swings but decided otherwise.
Walking along the river we saw plenty of ducks enjoying themselves. When we reached the end of our stroll we divided up to go to different eating places while others enjoyed some retail therapy
The next stroll is October 4th meeting at Ravenscourt, Knaresborough Road, for a surprise walk led by Mary
Val Muscroft
Healthy Strollers - October
Thirteen Strollers arrived at Ravenscourt Starbeck for a 10.00am start. We set off up the High Street where I pointed out local landmarks and amenities, then down Forest Lane turning right at the roundabout, entering the park on the left side of the road (a hidden gem) and then exiting opposite Sainsburys
Crossing the road we went to Fodders Cafe for a coffee.
Light drizzle had been with us from the beginning of the walk so a decision was made as to whether to continue. Six Strollers continued the walk, past the viaduct and out onto Hookstone Road.
We then into the Woodlands Pub for a very enjoyable and relaxing lunch which was followed by a walk back to Starbeck.
The rest had returned by bus from Sainsburys
Mary Bradley
A stroll along the Ripley Greenway
On Wednesday 1 November fourteen Strollers and George the dog met to take a walk along the Greenway from Bilton to Ripley.
It was a lovely autumn day – perfect for a stroll with lots of leaves on the ground but plenty of green leaves still to come down from the trees. We noticed some heather coming through too. Lots of people were out walking their dogs and plenty of cyclists, including a very angry lady who gave us a telling off because we had the nerve to ask her why she didn’t have a bell on her bike!
We also had a beautiful chestnut-coloured horse trotting alongside us, with a friendly rider. Mary spotted a formation of geese flying above us – a lovely sight.  When we reached the river bridge Merille took a photograph of the group so, hopefully, it will be displayed on our notice board some time.
We did not see much wildlife apart from pheasants in the fields. When we reached Ripley most of us visited the tearoom in the Castle grounds for lunch.  It was busy but they were very welcoming and a good day was had by all.  We will not be strolling in December but we will meet to discuss the strolling programme for next year.
Marian Darwen