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12 APRIL 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, 12 April at Starbeck Methodist Church. After apologies had been recorded and the Minutes of the AGM held in 2016 had been approved, the following reports were read by members: Honorary Treasurer’s, Membership, Social Events, Welfare, Publicity, Healthy Walkers and Healthy Stollers. Mary Bradley, our Chairman, then read her report in which she thanked members of the Committee for their contribution to the running of the Branch.

Two members of the Committee were standing down and the nomination of Valerie Muscroft for Minutes Secretary  was voted upon. There was then a vote for the remaining members of the Committee.

Our President, Sheila Jones, then presented gifts to the retiring Committee members and sent a gift to Roger Oldfield in recognition of all his work in supporting the Fellowship with our website and printing.

Following the AGM, Members went into the hall for refreshments, bought cakes and produce from the stall and took part in a picture quiz depicting some well-known Harrogate buildings.

Gillian Oldfield

Owing to cancellation of the advertised programme for November 8th, our speaker this month was good friend of the Harrogate Fellowship, Roger Oldfield, who was introduced by Jill Pullman.
Roger stepped in at short notice to give an interesting Powerpoint presentation about Rights of Way and the Dales Way Long Distance Footpath.
Centuries old footpaths, which sometimes become minor roads, are known as Rights of Way and are now protected by English Law. Sometimes access to the old lanes and footpaths are found to go directly through property, others across fields and through hedges but are all protected by Law.
Colin Speakman has to be thanked for his planning of the Dales Way, allowing everyone the right to walk, without fear of trespass, from Ilkley to Windermere - 80 miles of open countryside passing by Addingham, Bolton Priory, Dent and Sedburgh and many more all of which are a delight to see. There were many historic buildings illustrated, but the main impression was in the joy of open country. Some places were unfamiliar but the lovely slides gave rise to nostalgia for happy hiking!
Roger was thanked for his absorbing talk by Mary Bradley.
Marion Green
For our first meeting of the new year 81 members enjoyed our usual  cup of tea and chat with friends which was followed by a very interesting talk by Sue Wood, Horticultural Officer for Harrogate Borough Council.
Her illustrated talk gave us an excellent insight into all the various aspects of her work in our beautiful spa town. Starting in the council’s greenhouses at Harlow Hill she showed us where all the flowers are used – roundabouts, hanging baskets and flower beds around the district.
She described and showed us the beds which have been designed for the anniversaries of various organisations such as the W I, Girl Guides etc and this year we will see a green, white and purple flower bed to celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote.
She described the work in the district cemeteries and the grass cutting, of which The Stray is obviously a major part.
A pedestrian counter at the entrance to The Valley Gardens indicates that at least three million visitors walk through the gardens and enjoy the wonderful floral beds and the New Zealand Garden for which money was donated.
A delightful feature around the district is that of carvings on felled trees, the best being Alice in Wonderland figures in Ripon Spa Gardens and another at Conyngham Hall in Knaresborough.
Sue answered a variety of questions and, after being thanked by our Chairman, Mary Bradley, we all made our way home feeling so pleased that we live in such a wonderful town.
Gillian Oldfield