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Healthy Walkers
“During a period of ill-health, I was grateful to receive a
“Get Well’
card from the Fellowship via the Welfare Team”
Why I enjoy the    Fellowship.....

Healthy Walkers - September 25th


Carol Dobinson led three Walkers from Jennyfield Co-op to walk to Ripley. At the same time I left Starbeck with a group of six to meet up at Ripley. Carol’s group passed the school then across the A59 and along a good track to the A61. They saw dog walkers and blackberry pickers. After walking along Knox Lane they had a tricky route. Slippery stiles, a ploughed field and rather squishy cattle fields. After passing behind Daleside Nurseries, and a huge barn conversion, they joined the route to meet up with my group who had just strolled along the cycle track.

At Ripley the café was closed so a few Walkers went to the church and the rest of us went to The Boars Head for a very nice lunch.

On the return journey we spent about-an-hour watching the Elite Mens Cycle Time Trial and then we walked back along the cycle track to Bilton where we separated to go back to Jennyfield and Starbeck. All together each group did about 8 miles enjoying the fine weather and good company.

Sally Weatherill



On a bright autumn morning seventeen Healthy Walkers met in Pateley Bridge for a 6 mile walk. We walked along the riverside and up a lane past various caravan sites until we turned down a path to a bridge which we crossed and stopped for our refreshments among the old lead mine workings. We then wended our way up through the shale on the Nidderdale Way until we met the road where we enjoyed looking at more lovely views of NIdderdale.  We paused to admire three cheerful looking gnomes and some geese in a field and continued until we turned off the road to descend through fields and a lane into Pateley Bridge. We had a very enjoyable and well earned lunch in the Riverside Cafe and felt very fortunate to have been able to  complete a fairly challenging walk on a beautiful sunny day.

Gillian Oldfield


Our November Walk

Nineteen ladies assembled at the Harewood Arms to start our walk around the Harewood Estate.

It was a gloomy, foggy day but at least there was no rain - that would come in the form of a light drizzle towards the end of the walk and increase to a heavy shower on the drive home. How lucky we were to be relatively unscathed.

Whilst we were waiting for the group to assemble Sally and Carol checked to see if the small gate to the permissive path was open. It was and we were able gain access to the estate and to start our walk there. On the footpath at the side of the A61 Sally became very excited when she saw a Number 36 bus pass us. On the back was a photo of her nephew Rob advertising the late night Saturday Service for night owls.

We entered the gate and followed the very muddy footpath through the woods, reaching the gatehouse where we saw Christmas lights in the shape of two deer and a Christmas tree on the very modern balcony of the house.

We were then able to join a nice Tarmac path which took us up a hill and had the weather been kind we might have been able to see Almscliffe Crag - alas not today. Some of the trees still had their rust-coloured leaves on and made a good contrast the to green of the firs. We did see a blue tit, a couple of squirrels, a single magpie who was cleaning his ears in amongst the sheep,

Stopping for a coffee break on a bridge Carol distributed her delicious ginger biscuits. They were in the shape of gingerbread men and when turned upside down became reindeer. Clever Carol had iced them too. Thank you Carol.

Next we saw highland cattle with enormous horns. They were fenced off thankfully. We were able to see the lake in the distance from here with lots of swans swimming on it. The derelict building we pass every year was in the course of rebuilding. When we come back for our next walk it will be interesting to see how it has developed.

Next we passed lots of deer, in particular seeing two magnificent stags with grand antlers.

We passed Emmerdale with some location equipment, generators, toilet buildings, catering equipment, cameras, lighting and cranes. There was no sign of any action but we assumed there would be night filming as there were several covered cameras positioned in the woods. No doubt we will see some night time skullduggery in episodes to come.

We arrived back to the Harewood Arms in just over 2 hours having walked 5 miles. We had a delicious lunch in the pub without being disturbed by anyone's phone as Samuel Smith's policy is no electronic devices in the pub - "let's just talk" - which is what we did.

Jean Battison